hotel receivership

Stability, guidance and vision that position a property beyond a crisis situation.

Comprehensive knowledge of hospitality management, finance, marketing and insurance makes our company uniquely qualified to handle the challenges of court-appointed receivership due to foreclosure, loan default or bankruptcy. Receivership demands insight and innovative solutions to preserve a property's value, operations and future. Having served as a court-appointed receiver, we are able to meet these goals in all areas of the receivership process including:

  • Securing, auditing and managing financial accounts
  • Managing operations during the transition with a goal to restore confidence
  • Implementing an effective sales program to stimulate growth and revenue
  • Identifying short- and long-term cost containment measures and operating efficiencies
  • Performing property inspections and initiating required maintenance
  • Verifying and/or providing property and liability insurance coverage
  • Restructuring advantageous vendor and supplier agreements
  • Providing up-to-date analyses and reports of prior and current financials
  • Evaluating skills and training needs of current staff, and hiring key personnel as needed
Monday February 18, 2019