financial management

Cost containment that affords greater profit margins and increased capital for improvements.

Even if a property offers the world's best service, most sought-after amenities, and award-winning design, without sound financial practices, it will ultimately fail. Griffin Stafford Hospitality matches its strength in management with peerless financial expertise. Our quarter-century of financial experience enables us to:

  • Set realistic benchmarks and goals
  • Develop an annual operating budget with cash flow projections
  • Compare expenses and revenues to industry norms and competitive sets
  • Manage accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll
  • Provide tax advice and prepare returns if needed
  • Track daily expenses and best possible pricing for services
  • Review energy consumption and opportunities for savings
  • Address capital improvements and related budget plans
  • Provide thorough financial reports and analyses
  • Schedule regular meetings with owners to discuss ongoing performance
Monday February 18, 2019