Douglas Stafford, Principal

Responsible for development and acquisition of hotel and real estate properties, co-founder Doug Stafford helps secure construction, semi-permanent and permanent financing for Griffin Stafford Hospitality's projects. An expert at location analysis, real estate acquisition, oversight of architectural and engineering design, credit underwriting and cost containment, Doug has completed every project within the prescribed budget. 
Doug's extensive banking experience includes managing capital development and real estate as executive vice president of Charlotte Motor Speedway, serving as director for two community banks, and helping found Cabarrus Bank & Trust Company. Establishing relationships with regional banks has enabled him to procure financing for projects, even when recent economic conditions halted lending. Doug attended Wake Forest University and Western Carolina University where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration. He also served as president and chief executive officer for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, has played a key role in developing North Carolina's travel and tourism industry, and continues to serve on various tourism boards.
980.335.0040, ext. 202
Monday February 18, 2019